Brand HKiD

With products and services of Hong Kong gaining popularity worldwide, "Hong Kong Brand" has become a symbol of quality, trendiness, credibility, value for money and excellent services. In order to promote and protect "Hong Kong Brand" as an important public asset, the BDC (the Organiser) introduces a registration system, i.e. "Hong Kong Brand i–Directory" (Brand HKiD), under the sponsorship of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund (TSF) of HKSAR Government.

Through setting up an identification benchmark to verify the authenticity of brand's "domicile of origin" and establishing a registration mechanism together with a publishing platform thereof, Hong Kong Brand i–Directory provides authoritative third-party proof of identity for Hong Kong original brands, with an aim to promote the credibility and awareness of Hong Kong brands. Meanwhile, it serves as an "infrastructure" to enhance the support system for brand development, especially helping to lay a firmer foundation for the protection of Hong Kong brands.

Brands that have met the "Hong Kong Brand Identification Criteria" and passed the required assessment conducted by the BDC shall be eligible for registering with the "Hong Kong Brand i–Directory" (Brand HKiD) and being listed on the dedicated website ( and other information facilities for free public access. 150 brands would be recruited as the first-batch "Registered Brands" of HKiD on a free of charge basis. Interested companies please fill in the Application Form (Chinese version only) and return to the Organiser by email: or fax: 3583 2532. Application will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis; and all decisions made by the Organiser are final and binding in all matters relating to the registration.