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Hong Kong Brand Development Council

Founded in 2005, the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (the BDC) is a non-profit-making institution aiming to promote the development of Hong Kong brands by pooling together the efforts of all walks of life. The Council was initiated by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong on the principle of "Market leads, Government facilitates, Community supports", and it currently has a strong membership network with over 350 companies. For years, the BDC has been committed to promoting Hong Kong brands and products, advocating innovation and creativity, fostering an environment conducive to brand-building, and enhancing exchanges and cooperation among companies in regard to branding.

The BDC has set itself the task of becoming a flagship to lead the way in Hong Kong's brand development, being a driver for the pursuit of an overall strategy, a facilitator for the formulation and implementation of related policies, and a "one-stop" service platform to support Hong Kong brands. The Council has been playing an active role in every key area, sharpening its leadership in brand accreditation, incubation, promotion, research, exchanges and international cooperation.      

The BDC has been actively participating in various exhibitions, product showcases, and other promotional events, both domestically and across the border. With the implementation of large-scale serial activities under the banner of "Hong Kong Brand Festival" in major Mainland cities, e.g. Wuhan, Xiamen, Chongqing, Harbin, Tianjin, Dalian and Beijing, the BDC has further strengthened its pivotal role as a promoter for the collective image of Hong Kong brands as well as a mentor to assist companies in tapping into Mainland's vast domestic market.

BDC's Major Activities

  • Hong Kong Top Brand Awards & Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards  
  • Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards & Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards 
  • Hong Kong Distinguished Brand Leader Award 
  • Hong Kong Top Brand Mark (Top Mark) Scheme 
  • Made in Hong Kong Mark (HK Mark) Scheme  
  • SME Branding Club 
  • "The Parade of Hong Kong Top Brands" Booklet  
  • Executive Certificate in Strategic Brand Management  
  • "Hong Kong Brand Festival" Promotion Activities  

Brand Promotion Projects Rewind

Under the sponsorship of the "Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (Organisation Support Programme)" and the "SME Development Fund", the BDC and the CMA co-organised several large-scale "Hong Kong Brand Festival" and "Hong Kong Brand Week activities" in major Mainland cities, in an attempt to assist Hong Kong brands to tap into the vast Mainland markets.

Hong Kong Brand Festival · Beijing

Dalian+Hong Kong Brand Festival

Tianjin Hong Kong Brand Festival

Harbin Hong Kong Brand Festival

Chongqing Hong Kong Brand Festival

Xiamen Hong Kong Brand Festival

Wuhan Hong Kong Brand Week