Brand Image Gallery

The Brand Greater Bay Project will stage a variety of promotional activities in Guangdong, which are collectively named "GuangdongBrandfest". In Particular, a well-decorated brand image gallery themed on "Hong Kong · IN · Brand Greater Bay" is to be set up at the Guangzhou Panyu Wanda Plaza. The Brand Image Gallery (Guangdong Brandfest) displays the representative products and information of more than 50 Hong Kong brands with strong innovation, design, or cultural elements, serving as a window to vividly illustrate the superior, stylish, enterprising and culturally-sophisticated image of Hong Kong brands.


2022 or 2023 (To be confirmed) 



Atrium, Guangzhou Panyu Wanda Plaza

(368 Xingnan Avenue, Panyu, Guangzhou, China)


"Inno-tech", "Vigour" and "Quality Living"

Type of Activities:

Brand and Product Showcase